What state has the most tree work?

Maine, the northernmost state in the contiguous United States, is home to some 17.7 million acres of forest. This means that about 89.5% of the state is covered by forest. Using sophisticated climbing techniques and rigging, cut dead or excess branches from trees or shrubs to maintain the right of way to roads, sidewalks or public services, or to improve the appearance, health and value of the tree. Prune or treat trees or shrubs with hand saws, hand pruners, pruners, and electric pruners.

It works from the ground in the treetops and can use truck-mounted elevators. It does not include workers who are mainly engaged in gardening and garden maintenance tasks (37 to 301) and manipulators, sprayers and applicators of pesticides, vegetation (37-301). Alaska has a whopping 31.7 million trees, which not only makes it the state with the most trees, but it has so few people living there, compared to other states, it has 43,401 trees for every person who lives there. With an estimated 15.6 million trees and a whopping 25 million wooded acres, Texas has one of the highest tree counts, since such a small percentage of the state is covered by forest, at only 37.33%.

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