What is the climbing a tree?

Tree climbing is a recreational or functional activity that consists of climbing and moving through the treetops. Tree climbing combines sports with exploring the wonders of nature. Devout tree climbers often have overlapping interests in climbing and environmental science. Respect for nature is woven into recreational tree climbing, and arborists have turned this sport into what is practiced today.

Climbing a tree offers great exercise and a meditative way to get in touch with nature. The World Tree Climber Organization is the broadest coalition encompassing all tree-climbing communities. Some climbing equipment works for climbing trees, but parts such as the wedge tool should be avoided, as they will damage the tree. Tree-climbing harnesses are also more comfortable and padded than rock climbing harnesses because tree climbers spend more time suspended in the air than mountaineers.

Freely climbing a tree requires little more than protective equipment, such as a helmet, but a pulley system is needed for taller trees that lack low branches.

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