What is it called when you work with trees?

As mentioned earlier, an arborist is a trained and experienced specialist who performs a range of commercial services related to trees and woody plants. An arborist or tree surgeon cultivates, manages, and studies trees and shrubs to improve the health and safety of individual plants. The work can range from pruning, planting and climbing trees with ropes and harnesses, to working in an office making reports and inquiries. One term for a tree professional is an arborist, another is a tree surgeon, and from time to time, you may hear the name of an arborist.

When someone needs help with their trees, they call a tree service company or an arborist. An arborist is an expert who can advise customers on what to do with trees. Some of your work tasks are checking the soil to ensure that there are adequate nutrients, spraying trees to protect them from pests and diseases, writing reports, evaluating trees, planting new trees or giving advice on laws and tree ownership. They work in parks, yards, neighborhoods, cities, wherever there are trees.

When they specialize in urban areas, they are called urban foresters. Arborists spend most of their time outdoors, working in all types of weather conditions. They are sometimes called to emergency situations that can cause long working days, for example, when storms tear down trees and cause transport blockages or power cuts.

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